IT-Basics - Operating Systems

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간략한 설명

  • This module now focuses on the software managed by a computer: the operating system.

대상 그룹

  • Service Technician

이론적이고 실용적인 내용

  •       • Operating systems
          • Installation
          • User interfaces
          • File manager
          • System management
          • System security
          • Mobile devices

본 교육이 끝나면 다음의 사항을 수행할 수 있습니다…

  • By the end of this tutorial…
  •       • you will have learned about the various Windows® operating systems,
          • you will know which operating systems are installed on a PC,
          • you will be familiar with the Windows® user interface,
          • you will know how files are organised on a PC and what access rights are available,
          • you will have had an overview of the Windows® system programs,
          • you will know the options available for ensuring PC data security.


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IT-Basics - Operating Systems - Test
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