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간략한 설명

  • In this e-learning course you will gain basic knowledge of colours and colour perception, and you will also learn about applying colour in the printing process.

대상 그룹

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

이론적이고 실용적인 내용

  • Colour Theory
  • Light
  • Object
  • Perception
  • Colour Models
  • Colour Gamuts
  • Colour in the Printing Process

본 교육이 끝나면 다음의 사항을 수행할 수 있습니다…

  • know what colour is and how it is produced,
  • know the difference between fundamental additive colours and subtractive colours,
  • explain the additive and subtractive colour models,
  • explain the term “colour gamut” and know that the perceptible colour gamut is different from the colour gamut that can be represented on screen or in print.


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